Day: August 28, 2015


Charting Canadian Bitcoin Trading – Market Snapshot Comparison No Comments

We have gathered some information about the past week's activity in Bitcoin trading. This has been a hectic week with some shocking new territory having been hit. Take a look at the charts below that cover 10 days worth of activity from two popular USD markets compared to CAVirtex. Here's a snapshot of Bitfinex taken on August 28,2015: Here's a snapshot of BTC-e taken on the same day: ...


Canadian Bitcoin Markets No Comments

From time to time we will be taking a look at the Canadian Bitcoin (and some altcoin) markets and how they are performing in comparison to others. Aside from the difference in dollar value the Canadian markets for cryptocurrency tend to follow the same trajectory as other International markets but they are not as subject to quick variances like other, larger exchanges. Two of the highest volume...