Day: October 16, 2015

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Floating on the Blockchain No Comments

  I sat down with the yogi, and asked him how awesome floating for Bitcoin is. Check out the Float House at The Float House is based in Vancouver, Canada, and was started by Mike and Andy Zaremba. ¬†When they first heard about floating, only a handful of individuals and businesses were operating float tanks for the public to use. In fact, the Float House really sta...


Can you find the coin? Interview with “Rich In the Six” No Comments

There's treasure in those hills... or buildings... or??? In case you haven't heard yet, right now in Toronto there is a contest going on called "Rich in the Six". This is not your average contest however. Somewhere in Toronto there is a coin hidden with clues that lead to it's location being posted online. If you can decipher the clues and find the coin you are rewarded with a prize of $1000 c...