Day: November 6, 2015


Canadian Bitcoin Markets No Comments

This has been an intense week (or more) for the value of bitcoin. The rollarcoaster ride has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Here are a few snapshots of what things have looked like over the past 10 days in the Canadian bitcoin markets and beyond: First There's Bitfinex... The steady rise followed by that big drop. Note the volume spikes. Now let's look at BTC-e... ...


What Can You Buy with Bitcoin? No Comments

Are you dreaming of a Crypto Christmas? I am and I hope you will enjoy my look at spending your bitcoins. The holiday season is coming with numerous merchants; many store giants with enormous amounts of dollars in earnings, thinking of accepting bitcoin in return for goods and services. Most are online e-commerce websites, but lots of bricks-and-mortar shops are now recognizing cryptocurrency....