Canadian Bitcoin Markets


From time to time we will be taking a look at the Canadian Bitcoin (and some altcoin) markets and how they are performing in comparison to others. Aside from the difference in dollar value the Canadian markets for cryptocurrency tend to follow the same trajectory as other International markets but they are not as subject to quick variances like other, larger exchanges.

Two of the highest volume Canadian exchanges are CAVirtex and QuadrigaCX. Outside of Canada BTC-E is one of the fastest moving exchanges for price whereas Bitfinnex is a more volatile market with it’s unique offerings. Exchanges focusing on altcoins with Bitcoins as a secondary focus such as Cryptsy the movement tends to be slower as well as delayed. All of these types of markets have their ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages. All of the markets affect each other since there are many traders working across platforms. Coinsquare adds to the mix with their unique features and markets.

Rather than focusing on the usual metrics and common conversation about this topic we welcome feedback, input, advice, analysis and wild speculation (one of our faves here) from our readers. We would love to hear your comments and will include them in upcoming discussions about the Canadian trading scene.

We are also interested in hearing what types of exchanges Canadians favour and whether you’re trading strictly Bitcoin or other coins as well. We will be closely following the developments happening with the exchanges based in Canada as well as following what’s happening with payment processing, merchants and other Bitcoin related services that directly affect Canadian Bitcoin Markets.

Canadian Bitcoin markets are also a good indicator about the success or innovation behind other cryptocurrencies. Take a look at the propagation of Ethereum support and you can see a path followed by Canadian exchanges. Canada continues to lead the way in many areas of cryptocurrency development and the market activity here will likely become the standards from which other regions take their cues.


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