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Amber D. Scott, Compliance Nerd

Ask Amber: Grace Period for MSB Licenses from Quebec’s AMF? No Comments

Hey Compliance Nerd! I want to start serving clients in Quebec. I've already got a respondent, since I don't have offices in Quebec...  but my respondent is telling me that it could take as long as six (6) months to get a license under Quebec's MSB Act?!? What's up with the time that this takes?  Is there a "grace period" or something that would let me start serving clients ASAP once I've submi...


Ethereum Co-Founder to Address National Crowdfunding Summit in Closing Keynote No Comments

March 3, 2016, the 2nd annual National Crowdfunding Association of Canada Crowdfunding Summit will be held at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. Keynotes and panels at the summit provide insights about innovations in global finance and the sharing economy, impact investing, economic growth and market trends, regulatory updates and a fearless look at the future. This year's theme is "Th...


Cryptocurrency Christmas – Bitcoin for the Holidays No Comments

What's the proper cryptocurrency Christmas gift for the Bitcoiner who has everything? If you're having difficulties finding the perfect gift for the cryptocurrency enthusiast in your life, here are some suggestions to help your search: For the Caffeinated   For the Fashionista

NewsBTC CA Amber

Voluntary FINTRAC Reporting No Comments

Hey Compliance Nerd! We buy and sell Bitcoin and a few altcoins in Canada, but we’re not a regulated entity under Canada’s AML rules. When we think that something shady is happening, we stop dealing with certain customers… Should we also be telling anyone about it if we suspect that there may be money laundering involved? We’re not sure who to talk to, and we want to make sure that we...


Has The Internet of Things Yielded The Hackerproof Phone? No Comments

Has the Internet of Things yielded the Hackerproof Phone? Of course nothing is hackerproof but it's always interesting to see how companies try to innovate in this space. Blockchain technology continues to grow as the potential solution to all of the World's computing problems but can it change the way we use our cell phones and store data? The people at Turing Robotics Industries have a phone th...


Decentralized Apps for Beginners – What is a dApp? No Comments

What is a dApp? Decentralized apps are a new type of software program designed to exist on the Internet in a way that is not controlled by any single entity. Where bitcoin is a decentralized value exchange, a decentralized application aims to achieve functionality beyond transactions that exchange value. Many types of decentralized apps are starting to emerge as blockchain technology continue...


NewsBTC Canada Welcomes Bitcoin News Writer Jeanie Freshie No Comments

NewsBTC Canada welcomes our newest regular bitcoin news writer and contributor Jeanie Freshie. She will be writing articles and providing insight about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency from the perspective of the "regular person" who uses Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Jeanie's background is in writing and business and her perspective will provide a fresh view of how we look at Bitcoin in the "rea...


Ethereum Trading in Canada Using Canadian Exchanges No Comments

We covered the Ethereum Frontier launch at Decentral in Toronto but that's only where the fun began. Ethereum is one of the most anticipated cryptocurrency projects to launch since the blockchain was invented and there are many eager speculators and developers waiting to see what will happen next. For those who bought Ethereum during the pre-sale these are exciting times. Ether previously purch...