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Distributed: Trade

Blockchain Hackathon Distributed: Trade Has $25k in Prizes No Comments

On June 12-13, 2016, a day prior to the Distributed: Trade conference, BTC Media and SixThirty announced a 24-hour blockchain hackathon with a total of $25,000 in prize money. The hackathon will put teams from corporate giants, blockchain industry experts and the top universities in the world against each other to build the next generation of blockchain applications to solve problems in payment...

jamie robinson

Jamie Robinson from QuickBT Discusses the Canadian Bitcoin Ecosystem No Comments

The bitcoin community has grown substantially since the beginning of 2009. As the community grows, so does the number of businesses that build the bitcoin infrastructure. Many early bitcoin businesses stop being able to compete and fade into oblivion. The ones who have stuck around though have become the foundation of the industry. QuickBT is one of those businesses that has stuck around in Canada...


Cryptocurrency Christmas – Bitcoin for the Holidays No Comments

What's the proper cryptocurrency Christmas gift for the Bitcoiner who has everything? If you're having difficulties finding the perfect gift for the cryptocurrency enthusiast in your life, here are some suggestions to help your search: For the Caffeinated   For the Fashionista

NewsBTC CA Amber

Voluntary FINTRAC Reporting No Comments

Hey Compliance Nerd! We buy and sell Bitcoin and a few altcoins in Canada, but we’re not a regulated entity under Canada’s AML rules. When we think that something shady is happening, we stop dealing with certain customers… Should we also be telling anyone about it if we suspect that there may be money laundering involved? We’re not sure who to talk to, and we want to make sure that we...


Decentralized Apps for Beginners – What is a dApp? No Comments

What is a dApp? Decentralized apps are a new type of software program designed to exist on the Internet in a way that is not controlled by any single entity. Where bitcoin is a decentralized value exchange, a decentralized application aims to achieve functionality beyond transactions that exchange value. Many types of decentralized apps are starting to emerge as blockchain technology continue...


Can you find the coin? Interview with “Rich In the Six” No Comments

There's treasure in those hills... or buildings... or??? In case you haven't heard yet, right now in Toronto there is a contest going on called "Rich in the Six". This is not your average contest however. Somewhere in Toronto there is a coin hidden with clues that lead to it's location being posted online. If you can decipher the clues and find the coin you are rewarded with a prize of $1000 c...


Bitcoin on Etsy – Stuff from Etsy For Bitcoin Enthusiasts No Comments

We looked up bitcoin on Etsy so you don't have to and these are our findings (only the interesting things made this list). Type in bitcoin on Etsy and you get almost 3000 search results but the problem is that more than half of them are not even related to bitcoin products at all. Many results showed only mention of the store accepting bitcoin as payment but not the variety of Bitcoin produ...


Ethereum Trading in Canada is Here No Comments

Another addition to the excitement surrounding Ethereum... Ethereum trading is now available! If you have Ether or want to get some Ether you will be happy to learn that Canadians can buy and sell Ethereum at Coinsquare! Following Frontier’s launch, Coinsquare Ltd. (d.b.a. Coinsquare, is pleased to announce that its Ether market is live effective today! “Ethereum is amon...