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This Week in Bitcoin News No Comments

This has been a busy week for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Here are some highlights from the past week in Bitcoin news... NASDAQ Further Embraces The Blockchain According to Bloomberg NASDAQ has taken a very serious interest in blockchain technology. NASDAQ has made significant moves in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space in the past 6 months and this latest news is another milestone in what...


Cryptsy Canada Opens for Business No Comments

Cryptsy, one of the World's leading exchanges for trading Bitcoin and hundreds of alternative cryptocurrenices (a.k.a. altcoins) has opened a site dedicated specifically to Canadian users: Cryptsy Canada. Although not all of the coins offered at Cryptsy are available at Cryptsy Canada there is a wide selection of the most popular and highly traded coins. This means that Canadians can now tra...


Exciting Times for Bitcoin Startup Investments No Comments

These certainly are exciting times. Bitcoin startup investing has never had as much attention as in the past 4-6 months. Many large-scale companies have started to embrace not only Bitcoin as a holder of value but also blockchain technology as the beginning of a new era in computer science. The result has been a frenzy of investment. Investment into Bitcoin and blockchain technology has hit r...


Bitcoin and the Music Industry Part-2 No Comments

BlockChain and the Music Industry ... Wait! I thought we were talking about Bitcoin? In part one we delved into the wild and wacky world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.  If you have not read it, here is the link.  Are you finished? Are you back yet? Good, let’s proceed.  In the last article we ventured into the world of bitcoin and discovered its implications on the music industry and why t...


Bitcoin and the Music Industry Part-1 
 What is Bitcoin and Why Should Musicians Care? 1 Comment

Peer-to-Peer and the Music Industry Music has a long history with peer-to-peer technology. Napster was the first to allow us to download mp3s directly from our peers. Music fans were so frustrated with the pricing strategy and delivery mechanisms dictated by the Music Industry that they felt justified not paying for tracks. So what killed Napster? The fact that it only benefited the consumer and ...


Problems with Bitcoin Payments for Merchants in Canada (And What We Can Do About It) 1 Comment

We all know why Bitcoin is great, but it helps to look at the other side and explore why Bitcoin may not be the ultimate solution to every problem… At least not yet! A large portion of the growth of Bitcoin is still attributed to speculation. There are many holders of Bitcoins who do not want to transact with their coins but rather wait for their value to naturally increase due to their defla...


What’s New in Canadian Bitcoins No Comments

There’s always something new in Canadian Bitcoins. Even if the activity is not specific to Bitcoin there is always something related to blockchain 2.0 platforms or other fintech developments that are progressing on a daily basis. We have a several great resources lined up for your regular enjoyment. Here are a few cryptocurrency news sections that are coming up: Exchanges and Trading Ther...


Cloud computing, Bitcoin and the blockchain? No Comments

Here is an overview of Cryptocurrency and its implications in the cloud computing services industry What is “Bitcoin”? What is Cryptocurrency? A "bit" is the smallest, most basic unit of information for computers and information theory. It is also used as a reference to any small coin. A "coin" is a physical disc or piece used as money resulting from its inherent value (e.g. made from a p...