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Bitcoin Airdrop 2016

Bitcoin Airdrop Initiative Expands across Canada and Globally No Comments

Last September, the McGill Cryptocurrency Club hosted a Bitcoin Airdrop during the McGill orientation week, after a partnership with ChangeTip enabled the club to give bitcoin to the incoming class of students. This September, the Blockchain Education Network is expanding the airdrop across Canada and the United States, thanks to a partnership with Student blockchain hubs in Toronto, ...

Notable Awards

Bitcoin Professional Anne Connelly Nominated for Notable Award No Comments

Canada has been a leader in the cryptocurrency space for years, being home to the world’s first Bitcoin ATM, the first Indian restaurant and franchise to accept Bitcoin, and the birthplace of major projects like Ethereum. The Canadian government has recognized the economic opportunities this presents and promised not to stifle innovation, but the mainstream media and financial institutions have ...

NewsBTC CA Amber

Voluntary FINTRAC Reporting No Comments

Hey Compliance Nerd! We buy and sell Bitcoin and a few altcoins in Canada, but we’re not a regulated entity under Canada’s AML rules. When we think that something shady is happening, we stop dealing with certain customers… Should we also be telling anyone about it if we suspect that there may be money laundering involved? We’re not sure who to talk to, and we want to make sure that we...


Bitcoin and the Music Industry Part-2 No Comments

BlockChain and the Music Industry ... Wait! I thought we were talking about Bitcoin? In part one we delved into the wild and wacky world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.  If you have not read it, here is the link.  Are you finished? Are you back yet? Good, let’s proceed.  In the last article we ventured into the world of bitcoin and discovered its implications on the music industry and why t...