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CAVirtex Responds: the Joseph David Interview No Comments

On October 30th we published an article that was deemed controversial, which covered rumors around CAVirtex. Although numerous shareholders were disgruntled, and some were considering legal action, other community members thought it unfair to only cover one side of the story. The responsible thing to do would have been to reach out to CAVirtex for comments. Joseph David Toth was kind enough to ...


The Demise of Television. How will money and media work in the future? No Comments

The nature of media, how it is created and how it is consumed changes constantly as technology moves forward. The distribution of media has been forever impacted by the Internet and the ability for people to instantly, flawlessly replicate media and send it anywhere in the World. This has created an array of products and services that have transformed the way we all consume information and entert...

CAVirtex Trouble

CAVirtex: Scam in the Making? No Comments

CAVirtex is Canada’s oldest and most well-known Bitcoin exchange, founded in 2011. For a while, they were the only exchange option available to Canadians, until QuadrigaCX rose to challenge them. Other newcomers such as the Taurus Bitcoin Exchange now offer significantly lower fees, but CAVirtex maintains the largest volume by far. As a result, CAVirtex remains the exchange of choice for thos...

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NewsBTC Canada Partners with Coin Forum No Comments

Hot on the heels of the Bitcoin Co-op takeover announcement, business is already underway at NewsBTC Canada. In a move that could have been predicted by many, the franchisee is now partnered with Coin Forum. This is one of many recent partnerships with NewsBTC and its franchisees. Coin Forum is the oldest and largest website forum dedicated to the Canadian Bitcoin community, having been around ...


Why does cryptocurrency development move so fast? The answer is Cryptotime No Comments

Cryptotime is a term I find myself using more and more. At the bi-weekly MeetUp I co-organize for Bitcoin and blockchain technology enthusiasts I have been asked on more than one occasion "Why does Bitcoin and blockchain technology development move so quickly?". The answer is the term I find myself using increasingly: "It's because of cryptotime,". This is not a term relating to processing cycl...


Bitcoin Debate: Purism vs. Pluralism No Comments

Bitcoin is a technology that has created legions of supporters, fans and speculators. Bitcoin is also the first of what have become many different types of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies that have followed Bitcoin have had various types of distinguishers. Some of these are distinctions in technology while others are distinction in purpose or community. The result of this has created two op...