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Canadian Bitcoin Markets No Comments

This has been an intense week (or more) for the value of bitcoin. The rollarcoaster ride has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Here are a few snapshots of what things have looked like over the past 10 days in the Canadian bitcoin markets and beyond: First There's Bitfinex... The steady rise followed by that big drop. Note the volume spikes. Now let's look at BTC-e... ...


Canadian Bitcoin Markets No Comments

From time to time we will be taking a look at the Canadian Bitcoin (and some altcoin) markets and how they are performing in comparison to others. Aside from the difference in dollar value the Canadian markets for cryptocurrency tend to follow the same trajectory as other International markets but they are not as subject to quick variances like other, larger exchanges. Two of the highest volume...


Ethereum Trading in Canada Using Canadian Exchanges No Comments

We covered the Ethereum Frontier launch at Decentral in Toronto but that's only where the fun began. Ethereum is one of the most anticipated cryptocurrency projects to launch since the blockchain was invented and there are many eager speculators and developers waiting to see what will happen next. For those who bought Ethereum during the pre-sale these are exciting times. Ether previously purch...

Buying Bitcoins

How To Buy Bitcoins in Canada and Where To Get Them No Comments

So you're a Canadian who has discovered Bitcoin and now you want to try using them. You've done some research, downloaded a wallet but now what? There are many ways to buy Bitcoins in Canada and it's becoming easier as more companies are finding ways to simplify the process, you just need to know where to look. Exchanges Exchanges are marketplaces where you can buy and sell Bitcoins fo...


What’s New in Canadian Bitcoins No Comments

There’s always something new in Canadian Bitcoins. Even if the activity is not specific to Bitcoin there is always something related to blockchain 2.0 platforms or other fintech developments that are progressing on a daily basis. We have a several great resources lined up for your regular enjoyment. Here are a few cryptocurrency news sections that are coming up: Exchanges and Trading Ther...