TRON Launches North American Community Development Campaign


TRON, the open protocol for developers to build decentralized content entertainment applications on the blockchain has launched a community development campaign to engage the North American audience. In partnership with MLG Blockchain Consulting, TRON has been represented at events in Toronto, Montreal and London in the past two weeks, with many more upcoming.

The TRON community is also looking to grow their digital presence by hosting an online TRON Airdrop. TRON enthusiasts can register on the official TRON Airdrop website by joining the TRON Telegram community, sharing the event on Facebook and by inputing an Ethereum address.

You can see whether the TRON team is heading to your city on this map below. If your city is not represented yet, you can request to host an event on the TRON Airdrop website or on the TRON Telegram, which you can join here.

Global TRON Events


TRON Community at Event in Montreal



TRON Community at Event at University of Toronto


The TRON community is already one of the most active blockchain communities in the world with over 300,000 users. TRON actively looking to grow their global community through events and empowering local leaders is a good sign.




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