First Blockchain Company on the TSX (Interview)

The Blockchain Tech (BTL) Group recently made headlines by becoming the first publicly-listed blockchain-related company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, live for trading on its VentureBoard. It is truly a step up for the technology behind Bitcoin in Canada, where the TSX is the premier national exchange, and follows their successful fundraiser of $2 million CAD.

The company was founded by brothers Guy and Hugh Halford-Thompson, who have been most active in the United Kingdom. They’re partnered with CoinTrader–who brought the world’s first Bitcoin ATM to Vancouver–but weren’t familiar to the NewsBTC Canada staff. We managed to get an interview with Guy so that we could learn more.


Andrew Wagner: “How did you and your brother get into Bitcoin and blockchain technology?”

Guy Halford-Thompson: “Hugh and I both have tech backgrounds and have always been interested in new technology.  We got interested in Bitcoin about 4 years ago, and eventually founded our first company, QuickBitcoin, which brought one of the first Bitcoin ATMs to London.

While we retained an ongoing interest in Bitcoin, we realized early on that the underlying technology–the blockchain–had incredible potential, and we started working on ideas for BTL with a focus on core blockchain technology.”

Andrew: “How has InterBit been going, and what do you predict for the future of blockchain-based remittances?”

Guy: “InterBit development is progressing well, and we are nearing completion of our first prototype. The future for remittances on the blockchain is very exciting and will give consumers more control over the way they send money, in particular to countries with a high percentage of unbanked residents.”

Andrew: “What’s it like being the first blockchain-related company on the Toronto Stock Exchange? Was it difficult to accomplish?”

Guy: “Taking a company public is never easy, but thanks to our incredible team and directors, the process was smooth. It’s very exciting to be the first blockchain company on the TSXV, and I hope that it sets a new standard for blockchain companies who follow similar paths.”

Andrew: “Do you think Canada is still a world leader in Bitcoin adoption and innovation? Will it continue to be in the future?”

Guy: “While not as developed as London and the UK, Canada is proving to be very progressive when it comes to blockchain technology, and I believe will solidify itself as a major market for it. We are seeing the same signs in Canada in this space that we were seeing in London a year ago.”

Andrew: “What are your thoughts on blockchain technology and the decentralization movement in general?”

Guy: “Our focus is on how the blockchain can transform business and industries. While the decentralization movement has been an important part of providing exposure for the technology, I don’t believe it will play a large role in the enterprise applications of the technology.”

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