Bitcoin Professional Anne Connelly Nominated for Notable Award

Canada has been a leader in the cryptocurrency space for years, being home to the world’s first Bitcoin ATM, the first Indian restaurant and franchise to accept Bitcoin, and the birthplace of major projects like Ethereum. The Canadian government has recognized the economic opportunities this presents and promised not to stifle innovation, but the mainstream media and financial institutions have been less accepting.

Although banks are still in opposition to the Bitcoin industry–as made clear by their denial of banking services–the mainstream media has been gradually coming around. Writers such as Stephen Hui and Alexandra Posadzki have been working to bring crypto-friendly stories to local newspapers, but more work needs to be done.

Enter the Notable Awards. is the largest online publication for young professional adults in Canada; it covers all manner of stories where business, culture and philanthropy collide, and cater to the millennial perspective. As such, they are a very social company, and organize large interactive events.

The Notable Awards are the most famous of these initiatives, designed to showcase the best and brightest Canadian millennials in various categories of achievement. The categories include law, marketing, entertainment, healthcare, technology, journalism, finance and fashion, and one award is given for each one in every region of the country. Although no prize money is given, the Awards bring significant publicity, and as such are fairly competitive.

Anne Connelly is the first millennial in Notable history to be nominated for Bitcoin-related accomplishments. She entered the industry via her work at Dignitas International, a non-profit which fights AIDS in Malawi. Although she initially viewed Bitcoin as a fundraising opportunity (they now accept BTC donations), she was soon converted to the decentralization movement.

Now she’s the Marketing Director at Decentral in Toronto, and works to bring public and institutional awareness to cryptocurrency. She was a lead organizer of CoinFest Toronto in 2015, and frequents the local Meet Ups. With the Notable Awards, she hopes to bring further publicity, and is asking for the community’s support during the voting process.

“I’m the only one in the whole competition in Bitcoin,” said Anne in an exclusive interview with NewsBTC Canada. “I think it’ll be really great publicity, especially in a crowd of young successful professionals.”

Voting for the 2015 Notable Awards ends on January 28, and anyone can take part. You may vote once per day at this link, and for the good of the Canadian Bitcoin community, we humbly request that you participate.

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