3 Canadian Universities Compete in First Annual Blockchain Madness

Blockchain Madness 2016 Powered by Purse

Starting on March 15th, the Blockchain Education Network is launching an elimination style trivia gameshow called Blockchain Madness. There are six Universities in total who are participating, including three in Canada and three in the United States, and competing for a bitcoin prize.

Nicholas Abouzeid, the director of Operations of the Blockchain Education Network, commented on the event.

“We believe in providing an environment that allows students to connect and where successful grassroots initiatives become global movements. In December, we piloted a trivia competition between the MIT and McGill student clubs. Now with six schools across North America, Blockchain Madness is a way to discover trailblazing student clubs around the world and identify top students with proven technical skills and experience. We want the students who compete in March Madness to be seen as student all-stars, in a way similar to basketball players who compete in March Madness.”

The teams to represent Canada are Laurier, Queens and the University of Toronto.  Alex Altman, the captain of the laurier team and founder of their schools club, said in a statement to Bitcoin Magazine.

“I’m very excited for our club to represent Canada and to test my knowledge against other Bitcoin enthusiasts from across North America,” Alex Altman, one of the founders of the Laurier Bitcoin Club, told Bitcoin Magazine.

Ryan Loberg, captain and founder of the Queens club, added “Thank you BEN for putting this together and getting students involved in Bitcoin and blockchain technology.”

It is clear that the interest in digital currencies and financial technology on campuses around Canada and across the world is growing. Encouraging collaboration between Universities is a great way to create micro communities on campuses and stimulate more mainstream adoption. Thank you to Purse for powering the event.


Michael Gord

Michael Gord is the founder of Bitcoin Canada and a has setup dozens of venues to accept bitcoin in Toronto and Montreal. Michael is a recent graduate of McGill, where he organized the Bitcoin Airdrop events that gave hundreds of students their first bitcoin. Michael is now studying decentalized application development and is involved in ethereum mining.

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