Blockchain Hackathon Distributed: Trade Has $25k in Prizes

Distributed: Trade

On June 12-13, 2016, a day prior to the Distributed: Trade conference, BTC Media and SixThirty announced a 24-hour blockchain hackathon with a total of $25,000 in prize money. The hackathon will put teams from corporate giants, blockchain industry experts and the top universities in the world against each other to build the next generation of blockchain applications to solve problems in payments, supply chain management and data security.

The hackathon will take place at T-REX, a tech hub in the heart of St. Louis that is an incubator and community for technology startups and entrepreneurs.

“We are excited to host this Blockchain Hackathon in partnership with SixThirty, one of T-REX’s premier resident accelerators who are a national and international leader in finding and funding cutting-edge financial technologies, said Dr. Patricia Hagen, President of T-REX in a statement to Bitcoin Magazine.

$20,000 of the total prize money is being awarded as a Grand Prize to the winning team who builds a blockchain solution in a trade-related industry. John Riggins, VP of business development at BTC Media, said in a statement to NewsBTC that “the judges are looking for the best application of blockchain technology and will factor in market readiness, usability, design, and the scope of the problem being addressed.”

The hackathon is being judged by technology innovators and major players in the  blockchain VC community who are actively looking to invest into new startups. On the panel include representatives from Blockchain Capital, Dynamo, Tally Capital and DFJ Dragon along with Bitcoin Core developer Jeff Garzik and the former Google head of technology, Tom Niermann.

“The Hackathon is an amazing chance for brilliant students and other innovators to come together and make world-changing discoveries,” said David Bailey, CEO of BTC Media, in a press release. “People are coming here from all over the planet in search of the next big blockchain app”.

Register for the Distributed: Trade Hackathon here or to the conference here.

Full Disclosure: Michael Gord works at BTC Media and is helping to organize the event.

Michael Gord

Michael Gord is the founder of Bitcoin Canada and a has setup dozens of venues to accept bitcoin in Toronto and Montreal. Michael is a recent graduate of McGill, where he organized the Bitcoin Airdrop events that gave hundreds of students their first bitcoin. Michael is now studying decentalized application development and is involved in ethereum mining.

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