Bitcoin Airdrop Initiative Expands across Canada and Globally

Last September, the McGill Cryptocurrency Club hosted a Bitcoin Airdrop during the McGill orientation week, after a partnership with ChangeTip enabled the club to give bitcoin to the incoming class of students. This September, the Blockchain Education Network is expanding the airdrop across Canada and the United States, thanks to a partnership with

Student blockchain hubs in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa have confirmed their participation and are in the process of organizing their events. An airdrop is also taking place in American cities including New York, Boston and Atlanta, among others.

The bitcoin will be given to students who attend the first meeting hosted by each regional blockchain hub. At the meeting, the students will also be given a walkthrough on how to download a wallet and send a transaction. The Blockchain Education Network will be demonstrating how the wallet works.

“Bitcoin adoption has been growing quickly in Ottawa” said Patrick Guay, the region head of the Blockchain Education Network in Ottawa, in a quote to NewsBTC Canada. “Leading the charge was Carleton U with their Bitcoin club and we hope now that more universities and denizens of Ottawa will embrace the currency and especially its blockchain technology. This Airdrop is poised to be big!”.

“I’m so excited to participate in this year’s bitcoin airdrop” said Matthew Altman, the incoming president of the Laurier Bitcoin Club. After the success of last year’s Laurier team in the blockchain madness we can’t wait to grow the already burgeoning bitcoin community”.

“Enabling university students to get into bitcoin is a very exciting thing for us at – we hope all the university students enjoy themselves and maybe learn a thing or two about bitcoin along the way”, said Alejandro, the business lead at

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