NewsBTC has a dynamic team of expert writers, entrepreneurs, traders, analysts, developers and marketing resources who ensure quality across each step.

Some of the leading members behind NewsBTC include:

wdt_ID Profile Image Description
1 Andrew J. Wagner - Decentralization Specialist : Andrew got his start in the Bitcoin industry by convincing local businesses in Vancouver to adopt it for payment. He was a co-founder of the Bitcoin Co-op, for whom he signed up numerous business to accept Bitcoin including the world’s first Indian restaurant, the cafe where the world’s first Bitcoin ATM was launched, and many more. Even his Bitcoin tattoo is paid for with BTC! He later went on to found CoinFest, the world’s first decentralized and open source convention about cryptocurrency. Following its success, he became a notable writer in the crypto community, and is an educator at Meet Ups, conferences, and even government workshops! He now travels the world spreading the word of Satoshi.
2 Amber D. Scott, MBA, CIPP, CBP, CAMS - Founder & Chief AML Ninja, Outlier Solutions Inc. : Amber is a long-time “compliance nerd” for Canadian clients. She became involved with Bitcoin in 2013 when a client asked her to update his risk assessment to include Bitcoin. A firm believer that she should understand the technology first, Amber asked the client to pay their retainer in bitcoins (and then spent the weekend learning how to secure a wallet). It quickly became apparent that, contrary to the media at the time, Bitcoin and related technologies had the potential to solve many real world problems in new and elegant ways. Since then, she has worked with exchanges, brokerages and startups, speaking often to Bitcoiners and the traditional financial community alike about digital currency, financial technology, compliance and risk management. She has intricate knowledge of Canada’s regulatory environment from her professional education and work experience, Amber is a firm believer in the idea that good compliance can enable good business.
3 Keirnan Wright - Founder, Gluten Free Bitcoin : Keirnan is a member of the Bitcoin Co-op and CoinFest Vancouver organizer, and one of Canada’s most passionate and active Bitcoin advocates. He’s already signed up several Vancouver businesses to accept Bitcoin, and is a true disciple of Satoshi who never stops preaching. He’s also the founder of Gluten Free Bitcoin–which designs and sells related merchandise–and the current President of the Bitcoin Club at BCIT, where he is a student of technology.
4 Bryan Hellard - Bitcoin Hardware Guru : Bryan is an experienced engineer, machinist and roboticist that has been active in the online Bitcoin community for years. He is also a Bitcoin Co-op member and local CoinFest organizer, one of Canada’s foremost Bitcoin mining experts. He works with major companies in the mining industry, and is the original founder of the BCIT Bitcoin Club. He was the first to bring a Bitcoin ATM to a college campus, and a true decentralized hardware nerd.
5 Michael Gord : Michael Gord is a decentralized technology expert based out of Toronto. He is the founder of Bitcoin Canada and started the Bitcoin Airdrop, BitRaffle and BitCrawl events, while at McGill, where he was also the first to make an Alumni donation to the University with Bitcoin. He has given hundreds of students their first Bitcoin and has helped many student groups at McGill and businesses between Toronto and Montreal accept Bitcoin.

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